Courage to Despair... from the Still Morning – Artist Couples Exhibition Series

(Work in progress) - Steven Foutch


As I gather and think and write, Steven finds time in the early hours before meetings and classes to keep working and struggling in the studio. I watch his progress and am reminded of another handful of thoughts, collected by Sarton from Louise Bogan and Humphry Tevelyan, where she ponders the necessary balancing of an artist’s ‘courage to despair’ with the great imperative to ‘keep the Hell out of your work . . . The conflict is there, all right, but it is worked through by means of writing the poem.’ Only in this tempering of innocence and violence, they all three argue together, can an artist ‘remain creative to the end of a long life.’ 

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About this blog: My husband, Steven Foutch, is a Printmaker. I am a Jewelry Artist. And our five-month-old son, Henry, is as yet undecided. But together, we three are already heavily involved in collaboration.



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Peters Valley School of Craft

Reduced fees for emerging artists/ Wholesale options/ Awards.

Peters Valley is a nationally recognized school of craft (60 miles from NYC). 47th Annual Craft Fair. 150 artists accepted. Professional jurors. Indoor booths. Draws thousands from NJ, PA and NY. Camping available. Multiple awards.

The Peters Valley Craft Fair will award a limited number of emerging artist spaces. Each will include a 10'x10' standard booth space, pipe & drape, electric & insurance fee for a discounted flat rate of $250 (that's a $405 discount!). Peters Valley considers anyone who has been exhibiting professionally for less than 3 years to be an emerging artist.

Apply by April 1st through Juried Art Services. Late Application April 15th.


Juried Art Services Application:

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Kayla Staigvil, "Selene"


Excavated Porcelain, Freshwater Pearls, Silver, Glass Frit, Simulated Blue Zircon, Moonstone, Resin.

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