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crafthaus is a membership based (fee based) and JURIED-IN online community which showcases personal opinions as well as publicly available content. Opinions expressed may occasionally be directly or indirectly slightly critical in content or tone, though the main intent of the site is to educate, inform, and connect artists in a positive and friendly manner, never to criticize or slander.

crafthaus takes great care in assessing content and assures its members that all images and messages posted will be reviewed. If we find images or comments to violate the community spirit of the site in any way, these images or comments will be removed and the member will be banned from the site immediately. Member created images or comments of a sexually suggestive or pornographic nature, as well as racially and religiously insensitive, generally discriminatory, harassing material, and political ideology are not acceptable on the site, will be deleted immediately and the member who posted these comments and images will be banned from the site without further notice. 

Please note that EVERY image sent to the website editor will be vetted to assure some measure of overall quality control. Unlike other image sharing websites, crafthaus is not a "free-for-all". Members present their work in front of an educated and critical audience (their peers,) so the images have to be GREAT. Our goal is to show our members' work in the best possible light, and from the many images received daily, we try to post as many as possible. Crafthaus heartily encourages comments from the membership, however with regard to photos posted or not, we have a strict "NO WHINING" policy in effect ! If your photos do not get posted they are just not as good as they need to be. Yes, it's really that simple. Just reshoot and resubmit ! No harm done. Good photography of your work will serve you better in the long run anyway.

DISCOURSE on the network:
crafthaus would like to remind readers and members that the site will be host to a lot of diverse opinions, and obviously not everyone will be able to agree on every topic. crafthaus recognizes free speech but personal attacks on other members are not tolerated under any circumstance. We all need to be able to tolerate other ideas and agree to disagree with respect. crafthaus will issue one warning to members who steer off course in their remarks, the next warning results in immediate termination of membership without refund of dues.

Our Privacy Policy:

CRAFTHAUS will not sell, rent, or disclose members' private data to third parties.

If you are not a member of this network but would like to get in touch with someone, leave a message with the crafthaus editor via email:

crafthauseditor [ at ] live dot com,

We will be happy to forward the message to the member for response.



How crafthaus "works":
Crafthaus is quite complex, it offers a lot of fun things to do besides just uploading images of your work.  The most important aspect of the network is the community aspect. There are roughly about 2000 craft artists on the site at any one time from all over the world and as a member you have easy access to all of them. You are able to look at everyone's work and if you have a question or comment about anything you are welcome to leave a message and start a dialogue.

To make the best use of the wealth of experience, information and opportunities listed, start by reading the weekly "What's New" broadcasts that is sent out via email on Tuesdays, you can find a backlog under the "What's New?" headline. New members are listed every week, if anyone is of interest to you or lives close to you, feel free to strike up a conversation. There are exhibition and job opportunities listed, some members have regular blogs in which they write about topics of interest to this community i.e. business development, social networking, exhibitions they have seen and much more. The blog section offers a wealth of information and you are very welcome to start your own, let the others know what you are interested in, work on or think about.
Every month, a new online exhibition curated by a crafthaus member gets featured. They show work from different aspects and in all media, not "just" jewelry. You are welcome to participate in these exhibitions.
Crafthaus also has scholarship opportunities (info is under the scholarship headline), once you delve deeper into the network you will see what this is all about and how you can partake as a member.
In general, crafthaus is not an anonymous site where people simply upload images and wait for something to happen. That just won't do the trick for you. In order to be successful on the site you have to become actively involved at least to some degree. Enjoy the social part of social media!

crafthaus is not about selling ANYTHING. You won't find ads and no one will approach you with a sales pitch either. crafthaus is about the free dissemination of intelligent, craft related information that interests you and the pure joy of making our work - in all media.

Everyone take note!

The web is full of pranksters, thieves, and other weirdos. crafthaus will use reasonable efforts to control the security of the web site, but does not warrant that the web site will be able to protect artwork and images from infringement or piracy. Please be aware that technological advances of those trying to break codes and encryption devices may outpace the technology of encryption and security and that there is no such thing as an absolutely secure web site. The publication of digitized data on the Internet necessarily makes it possible for artwork and images to be copied in some form and for dishonest people to attempt to profit from that copying. Our members agree that crafthaus shall have no liability for any negligence or lack of due care in failing to protect the security of the web site and artist's rights in the application, artwork and images.


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