What's New? March 31 Newsletter

2014 Crafthaus Workshop Scholarship Recipients:

Patsy Kay Kolesar from Vancouver, Canada was awarded the Touchstone Center for Craft Workshop Scholarship. Patsy will attend “Imagery in Jewelry” taught by Sharon Massey and Cortland Dewitt from May 30-June 1.

Amber O'Harrow from Wellman, Iowa was awarded a workshop scholarship by Arrowmont. Amber will attend Fiber Sculpture: Structure and Skin, taught by Patricia Hickman from July 20-26, 2014.

Peters Valley invited Nicolette Absil from Philadelphia, PA to attend Harlan Butts workshop Enameling in the Round from August 8-12, 2014.

Congratulations to all the winners and a heartfelt thank you to Touchstone, Arrowmont and Peters Valley for extending these generous scholarships to crafthaus members. All three participants will be blogging about their experiences on crafthaus soon for us to follow along.

Looking forward !

Welcome to our newest crafthaus members:

Erin Rappleye, Iowa City, Iowa

Francesca Urciuoli, Perugia, ITALY

Karen Lorene, FACERE Gallery, Seattle, WA

Meri Ellen Taylor, St. Louis, MO

Call for Artists: “Landscape, Place and Identity in Craft and Design

The words used to describe the physical environment and our relationship to it, are always nuanced. The concept of 'place' refers to a particular portion of space that may or may not be occupied by people, while also encompassing the idea of dwelling, of living in a particular place. The word 'landscape', on the other hand, suggests a slightly different relationship of humankind to the environment....

Starr Hagenbring - One of a Kind Wearable Fiber Art

It all comes down to beauty and fun,” says Hagenbring. The multifaceted New York artist with a gale-force-energy level stands in her compact midtown apartment, which is chockablock with books, paintings, antique furniture, spirit dolls, starfish, and other detritus of an artistic life. A sewing form stands by the window, bottles of paint line a work corner, colorful threads and fabrics dominate the tidy lofty studio....

Making Things Happen - Behind the Scenes of a SNAG Conference

- blog by Jennifer Merchant

The three co-chairs Britta, Emily and Dominique had some ideas that they had been thinking about for the events that got the ball rolling for the committee at our first meetings. One idea that was heavily stressed was that we come up with a new way to exhibit work during the fundraiser; which had been for many years a fashion show, the Exhibition in Motion.

There had been a lot of feedback that the fashion show format did not showcase the jewelry enough, and that the exhibiting pieces were hard to see and the clothing distracted from the jewelry. We brainstormed a lot of different ideas and creative ways to showcase the exhibition. Many of the ideas involved ways that people could interact with and see the jewelry up close. At the same time we were also considering ideas for entertainment during the event, a photo booth was brought up and it sparked an idea. What if instead of doing a photo booth where you put on silly boas and use props like giant sunglasses and funny hats, you got to put on fabulous pieces of jewelry?  ...

Paul Villinski - Beer Can Butterflies

I am drawn to humble, yet evocative materials; in this case, crushed beer cans from the streets of New York - every one of them once raised to someone’s lips. My process of “recycling” them into images of butterflies is a quiet physical meditation, a yoga of tin snips and files and fingers....

The Clay Studio in Philadelphia is looking for a summer grad intern to complete a 10-week paid Fels internship that will involve updating the records for our permanent collection. We'll be photographing, researching and tagging works that have entered the collection since 2006--mainly from International Guest Artists and Clay Studio Residents.

The Clay Studio is a non-profit educational arts organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the ceramic arts and the work of new clay artists. As Philadelphia’s only arts organization dedicated exclusively to the ceramic arts, our mission is to provide diverse audiences with a unique learning environment in which to experience the ceramic arts.

The Clay Studio seeks a graduate intern to research, inventory and catalog our relatively small permanent collection of ceramic artwork for uploading onto The Clay Studio’s database and website. Responsibilities will include producing condition reports for each art object, tagging and photographing each piece, conducting research on the artist, provenance and significance of each work, and transporting research files and images into The Clay Studio’s database for publishing online. This project will help The Clay Studio develop an accurate catalog of the permanent collection and will develop an online educational tool for sharing the collection with the public.

The successful applicant will be a graduate student interested in the arts, archives, and research. A general knowledge of the field of ceramic art is preferred but not required. Strong organizational skills and intellectual curiosity are ultimately the most important factors in the success of the project. To apply, please submit a one page cover letter and resume to Garth Johnson at garth@theclaystudio.org with “Fels Intern Application” in the subject line.

This 10-week internship is to be completed in summer 2014. The Samuel S. Fels Fund has provided a $6000 stipend for the successful completion of the project.

Call for artists: UNIQUES - eBay Spring Sale - June 2-16, 2014

The first Uniques event, launched December 2013, was a hit with our audience, generated many sales and happy customers, so we decided to host another sale as a SNAG membership benefit - this time with a twist: SNAG is looking to match writers with artists. We are asking writers to come up with UNIQUE insight about the various pieces that will be up for auction, to take the work to the next level by writing poetry, short stories or a few sentences about it, 50 words max., one writer per piece....

Do we see all that's really right in front of us?

- blog by John Lunn

Here's a planckscaleblog.com entry that I think applies to art as well. We all have some filters on what we will or won't see even when we're staring straight at it. As artists we use all our senses to see beyond the ordinary but what really lies beyond the ordinary?

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2010
We have eyes...but do we really see?
An obvious observation about a dog is that you can hand them anything and they'll accept it without understanding. A lump of food, a digital watch, a stick, can of soda are all in the same basic place to them: can I or can't I eat it? When they're through with it, the item joins the background noise of their lives.

PLAYDATE: a Juried Show (Glass and Clay)

he Ceramics Center is now accepting submissions for "Playdate", a juried show exploring the role of games, toys, and childhood memories as inspiration in the creative process.   Artists working primarily in clay, glass, or a combination of both are invited to submit work.   Submissions must have been completed in the last two years and reference or be inspired by toys, games, or childhood memories.  Mixed media and all traditional or innovative clay and glass forming techniques are welcome, but artwork must be primarily clay and/or glass....

April 4th-  2014 – Deadline to apply.  

Caught in the time warp of Art Versus Craft

- blog post by 2Roses

We participate in a creative exercise related to EtsyMetal, a group of metalsmiths organized around Etsy. The exercise is called "Blog Carnival". Each month a topic is chosen and a variety of members from this international group each provide their individual perspectives on the subject. We thought (mistakenly) that we had scraped the subject of Art Versus Craft off our shoes for good. Thanks to Blog Carnival we have stepped in it again. It appears that it is the topic that will not die. Offered for your amusement or irritation we post a reprint of Art Versus Craft here on Crafthaus...


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