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Please welcome our new crafthaus members:

  Kathleen Gatliffe  Tracey Timmons   Sarah Truett

New kickstarter campaign by a crafthaus member:

  The Secret Sculpture Garden

Did you know that Memphis has a terrible blight problem? There are currently over 8000 vacant or condemned lots throughout our city. Many of the owners of these lots will not step forward due to tax liens and therefore the city is responsible for their cleanup/upkeep. The result is a substantial financial cost to the city, and an even greater emotional cost for the residents surrounding these properties. My name is
Thomasin Durgin, I'm an artist and I've decided to do something - and I need your help!

Continue reading about Thomasin's kickstarter project.... and chip in a few bucks if you can. I did!

Florida Craftsmen’s CraftArt 2012 returns to the great outdoors on Saturday, November 17 & Sunday, November 18, just outside the doors of Florida Craftsmen Gallery, at the crossroads of Central Avenue and Fifth Street North in beautiful Downtown St. Petersburg.

“CraftArt 2012” is an invitation to out-of-town and local visitors to make November 17 and 18 a fun-filled Florida weekend.  Visitors will be delighted by the work of 130 of the nation’s best contemporary craft artists, artist demonstrations, dining, craft beers and the best cultural venues on the west coast of Florida. 

Florida Craftsmen is proud to announce that this year’s juror is Dana Moore, the Program Director at The Penland School of Crafts in Penland, North Carolina.

More information about this event and how to apply .....


Call for Furniture Fellowship: John D. Mineck fellowship

Call for Applications

$25,000 John D. Mineck

Furniture Fellowship

John D. Mineck was a past President of The Society of Arts and Crafts Board of Trustees and a beloved member of Boston's cultural community. The John D. Mineck Foundation was created in 2007 to award charitable and educational gifts that reflected Mineck's interests and values. His skills as a fine furniture maker were a result of passion, dedication and the guidance of a well-known furniture artist. Without that guidance, Mineck would not have realized his capabilities.

In an effort to support the art that Mineck loved and the people who make it, the Foundation created a fellowship to encourage and support a "young-in-career" furniture artist with the financial assistance to help them succeed in their journey.

More information about this fellowship...

What, next week already ?

Good thing Jillian ad Liz are prepared and ready to go. They will be blogging the conference for crafthaus, each from their unique perspectives:

  Liz Steiner: "Count Down"

Wow! I can't believe it's the month of May already and the conference is happening in just a few weeks! I am absolutely thrilled to be blogging again for Crafthaus, and have never been more excited to be attending a SNAG conference!For those of you who may not know me, my name is Liz Steiner. This is my second time blogging for Crafthaus, but my first time blogging the annual SNAG conference.
Continue reading ....

  Jillian Moore: "Hot Seat"

This has been a surreal year, and I go into this conference with a little bit of reluctance.  Not because I have doubts about it, but because I have doubts about myself.  I have become accustomed to diving in head first to the melee of the conference.  Normally it’s a refreshing change from the solitude of my studio here in Iowa.  This is the first year where I have reservations as to whether I will be up for what the conference asks of an attendee.  Imagining myself in Scottsdale, Arizona at a
spa/resort makes my brain hurt a bit.  I prefer my sun filtered through trees, my swimming in muddy Midwestern waterways, and my state politics…well, I’ll try and tamp that down and slather on the sunblock.

Continue reading ...


BLOG: Self-doubt: Crossing the Boundary of Culture with Personal Issues

Comparing its scale to SOFA Chicago, SOFA New York is smaller, but also full of well organized and designed exhibition booths. I enjoyed the comfortable interior environment and many details of different showcases. I was also impressed by a series of lectures and galleries talks.

Continue reading ...

Blog: Inspiration

I am often inspired by beauty! Whether it's something natural like trees and flowers, or even buildings. I was in the National Portrait Gallery today and I saw a postcard of Louise Brooks and Gary Cooper and bought them. I love drawing people and when I saw these postcards today I was inspired to attempt to sketch them. Mostly though when I'm getting ideas for jewellery I often find inspirated in walking, especially in my local park. It's really beautiful and I find that I can totally switch off when I'm walking and that's often when I think of new ideas. I wonder how many other creatives do the same thing? (Sandra Murray)

Let us know your thoughts on "Beauty"


Graduation, Job, Studio, Is There a Recommended Direction?

Considering the time of year, this question from Eva, a student at the Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA, seems very timely. She asks:
"Do you suggest that we find a job after graduation or set up our own studio directly?"

Of course, there are always unusual circumstances, but I think getting a job related to your field of study gives you great experience that will ultimately channel into your art or craft. I use the term "related to your field of study" quite loosely.
that is remotely connected to your interests and skills seems better than an unrelated job.

Continue reading Harriete Estel Berman's post....

"Scotland the What?" and "Apocalypse Cow"

I've been a bit distracted by family matters over the last two weeks and haven't really been doing very much of note, though unfortunately, I have had to cancel the "Scotland the What?" exhibition on Crafthaus, scheduled for the end of this month. Both Jeff Zimmer and myself have independently suffered a personal loss at the same time and have not managed to collate the show at all. The plus side of this, however, is that Brigitte has re-scheduled for October 2013 and this gives us the chance to contact some makers whom we really, really wanted in the show...

Distractions like this have been keeping me from the bench, though I did get started on
"Future Legend" again today as I realised that I have to have it finished
and photographed by 1st June! (And I'm not going to be here for five days next week, dealing with the aforementioned personal matters.)

Continue reading ....

Online Exhibition project on crafthaus. Exhibitions are member-curated and change monthly. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate!

Current Calls for Artists....


Every year, the crafthaus membership and their supporters decide by anonymous, popular vote which of their fellow members will be the recipient of this grant!

This grant is awarded every September to a crafthaus member, regardless of location, professional background or craft field. It is intended to provide assistance/funding for an individual or group project.

Funding Amount: $400 max.


Submission Deadline: August 15 annually (email received.)

Submission information ....

New Video:

  Purge and Dry


  The Session Six All Class Forge Weld

The Last Word ....

Dr. Grace is in the 'haus:
The Miracle Cure for Absolutely Everything!


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