Outline of project, purpose/goal:
Smith Shop Internship
Recently I have had the amazing opportunity to accept an internship at Smith Shop in Detroit, Michigan for Fall 2013.  Smith Shop is a quality metalworking studio run by artist Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks.  The shop specializes in custom fabrication of gold, silver, brass, copper, and steel.  Projects at Smith Shop range from limited-production wholesale runs of jewelry and architectural hardware to custom commissioned projects from various companies and local businesses.  Smith Shop is apart of a local entrepreneurial creative space known as Ponyride located in Detroit.  Through this facility they offer access to their metalworking studios through classes, workshops, private lessons, and studio rentals.  Though Detroit has hit some hard times lately, it is through collectives like this that build the infrastructure to vibrant art communities.

      As a young emerging artist, it is my belief that opportunities like these are important to take a hold of when presented, to better enhance skill sets, build artistic relationships, as well as an opportunity to further engage my practice.  As a recent graduate, the importance of further my education while gaining experience is imperative, and through this experience I would  have access to the amazing studio as my playground.  I would also have the opportunity to take classes for free as well as conduct and teach my own metalsmithing classes.   Through these explorations I plan to create a new body of work that analyzes the performative aspects of craft though works of adornment, and hope to exhibit is somewhere soon after completion.  I look forward to the opportunity to grow as an artist and individual, while also contributing to the vibrant artist community in Detroit.

        With these generous fund from Crafthaus, comes the opportunity to make this a possibility.  I look forward to actively blogging about this amazing experience, while opening the conversation to other young emerging artist who are working in the crafts.  Eventually I would like to create so type of forum for young makers to build connections to one another through Crafthaus.  It is my hope that this forum would showcase young talent to the greater craft community, as well as spark conversations between makers of all ages on what it means to be an emerging artist working in the crafts in the 21st century.

Start date of project and duration:
October 1st- Late December 2013

Location of project:
Detroit, Michigan

Requested funding amount:

Other information, e.g. images or other relevant (visual) documentation to further illustrate project:


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