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Craft Forward, an amazing title that attracted my attention when first announced.

I wouldn't have missed this symposium -- and only an hour from my house. 


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  Post Consumer Recycled Tin Cans
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A symposium about CRAFT moving Forward.  Despite the upheavals and economic struggles for all artists and makers, I anticipated a symposium that could give direction to the future of craft.

$$$ Money Game Flower Brooch by Harriete Estel Berman
 $$$Money Gamer Free Parking © 2011
 Post Consumer Recycled tin Cans
 Artist: Harriete Estel Berman

Before the symposium, I was so excited and asked, "What is Craft Forward?" 

The topic was prescient and
I committed ASK Harriete to sharing this information with a wider circle.

Isn't that the value and benefit of the Internet?








Lydia Matthews in her closing remarks at Craft Forward asked us:

"How can we continue this conversation?"

"How do you move Craft Forward?"

"What do you want to move forward?"

"What do you leave behind?"

Can we "Carry the banner of craft forward?"


Life Flower Brooch by Harriete EStel Berman is constructed from post consumer recycled tin cans.

Life is Game Flower Brooch © 2011
Post  consumer recycled tin cans
Artist: Harriete Estel Berman

In retrospect, after attending the symposium, I have indeed learned a lot. Taking time to read and reread my notes, I remember the lectures.

In writing about each speaker and their presentation (condensed to one post), it is hard to do justice to the great effort invested in their talks. I hope reading my posts has provided some insights for everyone whether they attended the symposium or not.


I am sure the organizers had great plans.  The original description of the Craft Forward Symposium is linked here as a PDF. Download CraftForward letter (just in case you want to read the stated premise of the symposium).

  The sessions were well defined and covered a spectrum of craft (or not craft, as you can decide whether the speakers addressed the topic or not.)

The Sessions are listed below with links to the respective posts covering each and every lecture. You can find all the posts about Craft Forward here. General questions and comments raised by the readers of ASK Harriete and my overall critique of the symposium will be the topic of the next and final post on Craft Forward.


Day One  MANUFRACTUREDHBerman_grass

Exhibition Manufractured Clips, Capsules, Confiscated, and Commentary

Glenn Adamson (a quick preview)

Keynote Address- Keynote Critical Point, the Risk of Craft



Day Two

Session 1: The hand
Sensory Craft
Sensory Craft with David Howes and Frank Wilson


Session 2:
Body Craft
How Does Craft Shape Bodies? with Lauren Kalman and Allyson Mitchell


Session 3:
Identity Craft
Identity Craft by Bridget Cooks

"Crafting the Politics of Identity" with Nancy Hernandez



Session 4: NIKE
Digital Craft
Digital Craft Presented in Hyper Mode, but Lost Opportunity




Day Three


Session 5: Theaster-gatesWHITEhand
Mass Craft 
Mass Craft, Free Market or Inverted Market

Mass Craft, Theaster Gates Constructs Context with Added Value




Session 6: Making It
Material Craft 
Material Craft with Chris Lefteri Materials Expert

Material Craft with Chris Taylor Blowing Glass (Floating in a Boat,...








Session 7: Word.craft.72
Word Craft 
Word Craft - by Patricia Powell and Paul Flores




Session 8:
Resistance Craft
Resistence Craft with High Voltage and Low Resonance includes Otto von Busch, Liz C...


The next post will include comments from the readers and myself, Harriete Estel Berman. It will be the last post about Craft Forward.

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