Shixi Liu

The project focuses on applying acrylic material and explores how to manipulate a light through multiform of acrylic pieces. My fascination is with the movement of light.
I want to study light, a kind of energy that can intuitively stimulate our eyeballs, to express the movement of light. Normally people identify light source in a form of a spot. Once the spot starts to move in a regular or irregular way throughout the space, it will create another pattern of lines. These linear patterns look quite geometrically framed or other streamlined patterns. I was inspiration by these attractive patterns.
My concept combined the light of motion with dancers. I could see the dancer’s movement had similar characteristics to that of the moving light, such as their swifts, swirls and different dynamics. On one hand, the amplitude of a basic motion, such as walking, produces not quite strong magnitude. Hence making some static pieces to express a visual light movement in a static status. On the other hand,  I found that objects will be accompanied by movement when we wear or play it. Thus, I will make some dynamic jewellry to show trial light in dynamic condition in the next step.
I was challenging to explore how to use LEDs, batteries and circuit to follow the acrylic shape to create my work. Throughout experimenting with different materials, I came cross acrylics. I am intrigued about the properties of acrylics and how it has the ability to transmit, channel and change the color of light. I made a range of the jewellery and I want people to feel the manipulation of light and hope they will understand through the material how the form of light is so fascinating.

I moved to England in 2015 to study Faculty of Arts, Design and Media at Birmingham City University, Specialising in Jewellery, Sliversmithing and Related Products.


LED, acrylic

10*4*3(cm), 2017


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