I will start my class at Arrowmont in a week from tomorrow, so it’s time to pack.  Here is what I will need:


- 2 spools of waxed linen (light/dark)

- 4 large paper shopping bags

- “skin-like” materials-maps, foreign language papers, patterned wrapping papers, 

   rice paper, etc. (a few sheets)

- stiffening agents such as bees wax, glue, etc.

- T-pins

- Straight pins

- 1 quart plastic container with a tight fitting lid

- An absorbent rag

- Mesh sticks (or gauges to use) like a ruler about 12” long with even, smooth edges  

  or a wide wooden tongue depressor or a popsicle stick.  Bring 3 of these different


- Something that for you reflects memory and/or time or place

- Notebook

- Pen and pencil

- Sharp scissors

- Garden pruning shears

- Sharp needles, especially large eyed tapestry needles

- Thimble

- Hole punch

- Stapler and staples

- Awl and a pair of pliers

- 1 small tube of acrylic paint and a small container for mixing paint

- 1” paintbrush

-1 roll of masking or other tape

- 1 roll of paper towels

- Other flexible linear elements which might lend themselves to netting – copper

   wire, other wire, plastic telephone wire - spool of something other than waxed

   linen which is strong, holds knots well, is smooth and not slippery.

- Padlock for your studio locker, if desired


I have gotten everything on the list, mostly from my studio.  I only had to buy the waxed linen, a new packet of T-pins and a new packet of tapestry needles. 


I had plenty of interesting “skin-like” materials because I am a hoarder!  I am bringing everything from a French paper place-mat with information about recycling to a rice bag with yellow and pink flowers.

I chose quilting pieces, part of an old quilt top and some old lace to reflect memory, time and place.  For “flexible linear elements” I am bringing my entire box of wire, a case of electrical wire and some hospital oxygen tubes.  Why not, when I have a whole car that I can fill!  I’ve tried not to bring too much, as I get carried away, but I love wire, so I thought I’d indulge.  I haven’t packed clothes, but who cares about those?  I’ll just throw a few things together sometime this week. 

            I have had an email from Pat Hickman, asking us to prepare a few images to show the rest of the class.  I will show them the images of my work that I posted in this blog, and maybe a few others.   Here is what Pat wrote in her email:


I'm greatly looking forward to working with you soon at Arrowmont, meeting all of you there in a little over a week, getting excited about our time together. 


The materials list I sent for you to bring may seem extensive. Please just bring what is possible from that list, what is easy to find, possible to pack. There will be extras which we can share--not to worry, if you don't have something on that list! There will be plenty we can work with.


We will be meeting together Sun. evening, July 20, from 7:30-9:30. At that time, I'd like each of you, by way of introduction, to take 3-5 minutes showing 5-6 visuals, images or examples of your work to help us understand where you are coming from, possible themes you've explored or return to in your work, ideas you are wanting to explore. I see it as the beginning of the beginning of this precious time together, where we'll find overlapping interests. 


See you very soon. Travel well,



         Well,  soon it will be time to travel, as  I am going down early to see my parents, who live nearby.  Wish me luck on my 11 hour drive, which I am not looking forward to!  I’ll post again on Suday, the 20th, after my first class and a delicious dinner at Arrowmont!


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