The wonderful aspect of the internet is that it creates so many opportunities to share your art and craft.

It is THRILLING  that there are forums like here on Crafthaus to create a dialog or generate visibility. There is no need to wait for the rare opportunity to have your work published in a book or magazine.

On the other hand, I don't think artists and makers are doing enough to share their work with a wider audience. If craft is going to survive and blossom in the 21st century we need to expand our audience beyond the arts and crafts community.

We need to grab onto the Long Tail of the Internet and hold on tight. If you aren't' familiar with the concept of the Long Tail there are two posts about the topic.

ACC Conference: Riding the ‘Long Tail’: Marketing Craft on the Inte...

Long Tail - Blockbuster versus Netflix, and the art/craft world..

The internet is having a tremendous impact on the arts and crafts community. But this is just the beginning. We can not underestimate the future of e-commerce and the future trends of search.

The future of the internet is original content.
This is where creative individuals can really stand out with the right tools and be found on the Long Tail. There is a huge opportunity with more refined SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This  is where I think artists and makers are missing out on the potential to expand their market and the visibility of their work.

ASK Harriete is running a wholes series of posts to help artists and makers improve their websites and blogs for greater visibility.

ALL THE TOOLS mentioned are free. Every post offers clear instructions.

There are more posts already published (not listed here) and more to come.

Subscribe to ASK Harriete to learn how to become the webmaster of your own domain.


Below is a list of posts by topic:

Yes, this is too much work for one day...but try one post every other day. They are reorganized to provide a logical progression. Take small steps to the huge potential of the long tail.

New Day New Year 2013 Website Copyright


Spam Comments Hurt Your Site


Your Site Performance Improves SEO

Google Guidelines For the Best Your Site Can Be

Did You Register Your Web Site on Google Webmaster



4 TIPS to Improve Search for Your Images


REWRITE Short Meta Descriptions for SEO

Finding & Fixing Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Avoid URL Mistakes I Have MADE

SEO Success: Fix Those Duplicate Title

Titles RULE - Title EVERY ONE of Your Website Pages Differently



Has Google found your site? Every page?

Create a Sitemap and Submit for Visibility

Create A Sitemap For Your Website Using a free 3rd Party Website

 Artists: Submit Your Sitemap to Google

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