One of my students, Inness Thomson, though only part of the way through his course, has just opened his first small show at Scotland Art.Com, a gallery in the centre of glasgow. As you can understand, he is justifiably proud:


Iness Thomson - 1


I especially like his silver and topaz necklet:



Iness Thomson - 2


The show runs for the next month and is worth a visit.



I've been promoting a new "Crafthaus"-type of website for British jewellers - it seems that it is specifically for British jewellers, but I wonder for how long - called Young British Jewellers. It already seems that you don't have to be "young" - as proven by my own membership! - but you have to have young ideas... or something like that. That makes it sound like I am sniping, but I am emphatically not! I support this fully and hope that other makers in the UK will too. 



Further to last week's dressmaking pin frenzy, I've been at work with the pins again. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph how the piece is looking so far. Update tomorrow.



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