Oscillations Exhibition Birmingham School of Jewellery MA Class of 2018

Presenting Oscillations as part of Polyphonous at Munich Jewellery Week 2019

Yanyu Chen, Chun Cheng, Naomi Clarke, Yahan Fan, Spam Glam, Yuexin He, Chloe Henderson, Yasi Hu, Dantong Huang, Ningjue Ji, Qixuan Jin, Prim Li, Ji-Ru Lin, Yi Mu, Yiji Pan, Haochen Shih, Jingyao Sun, Mengjing Tian, Yichen Wang, Yueshan Wang, Xingxing Yu, Bingchan Yuan, Jiaqi Zhang, Zihan Zhou


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For the artists exhibiting here, these ideas are imbued with cultural resonances, often informed by the distances travelled – personally, as well as geographically. Yearning for the familiar has led some to search out materials that bear poetic traces of home – autumnal leaves, flawed concrete, reflective acrylic – whereas others have used their practice to prise open and probe the rupture in their lives created by the migrations that they have made. They have been taking in soundings, contemplating jewellery’s capacity to carry narrative, to communicate their ideas and challenge thinking. And yet, amongst all this variation and divergence, can we see evidence of a central value around which jewellery oscillates?

Throughout, there is a focus on play, and the wear and use of jewellery. Having coaxed their works into life, the artists have followed the process through, exploring the role jewellery plays once it leaves the jeweller’s bench and makes its own way in the world. They celebrate the fact that, in use, jewellery becomes a vehicle to bring wearers and viewers together, sharing a moment of appreciation or fun. It is created to be worn, experienced and – above all – enjoyed.
- Sian Hindle MA Course Director
Bingchan Yuan
Ring: Reflection, 2018
Acrylic, aluminium, resin.
Chloe Henderson
The Chimera Artist, 2018
Film, human, infection powders.
Chun Cheng
Earrings: Interpersonal Connection, 2018
Acrylic, elastic cord.
Instagram: @cccora__
Dantong Huang
Necklace: Kinetic Energy, 2018
Acrylic, TPU.
Instagram: @dantong.huang
Haochen Shih
Ring: Regeneration, 2018
Plastic bags, acrylic, sliver.
Instagram: @flora__shih
Yasi Hu
Necklace: My Uncanny, 2018
Silicon, resin.
Instagram: @yasi_chou
Jiaqi Zhang
Brooch: Food, Fat, Anxiety, 2018
Brass, sugar, spray, resin.
Jingyao Sun
Brooch: Leaf Cycle, 2018
Leaves, copper, brass.
Ji-Ru Lin
Necklace: Variation, 2018
Jesmonite, silver, silk, mesh tube.
Mengjing Tian
Ring: Reframe, 2018
Acrylic, resin, copper wire, cotton thread.
Instagram: @tiantiantianmj
Yi Mu
Set: What Affects your Perception of Things?, 2018
Acrylic sheet, gilding.
Instagram:  @yimujewellery
Naomi Clarke
Brooch: Magnetic Memories, 2018
Vitreous enamel, steel, bocote wood, tulipwood, neodymium magnets.
Ningjue Ji
Necklace: Your scarring is beautiful, 2018
Thread, cotton, beads, fabric, brass.
instagram: @jue_llery
Prim Li
Necklace: Second ”skin”, 2018
(PLA), silicon rubber.
Qixuan Jin
Necklace: The Relationship Between Movement and Colour, 2018
Fabric, acrylic.
Spam Glam
Necklace: Time Capsule Creations, 2018
Plastic Iceland bags, textile, thread, tape, glue.
Photo by: Greenlandphotography
Xingxing Yu
Necklace: Colourful Plants and Negligible Defence, 2018
Sponge, plaster, felt, lycra.
Xinrui Fu
Earrings: Vision of Depth, 2018
Acrylic, resin, brass, silver, rope.
Instagram: @shunyuifoo
Yahan Fan
Brooch: Bubble Pop, 2018
Acrylic, TPU, PVC.
Yanyu Chen
Ring: B1 3PA, 2018
Concrete, resin, silver, jesmonite.
Instagram: @angelia_chennn
Zihan Zhou
Brooch: Gold Tag, 2018
Brass, gold plating.
Yiji Pan
Necklace: Light, 2018
Instagram: @pianchor
Yueshan Wang
Head Piece: Soothing Cocoons, 2018
Wool, silk, pearl, faux.
Instagram: @shaniawang_syzm
Yuexin He
Necklace: Remains, 2018
Resin, eggshell, silver, gold plating.
Instagram: @yuexin_he
Yichen Wang
Necklace: Resonating, 2018
Olive, wood, silk, silver, resin.
Instagram: @wycasdf

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