The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY in the AGE of the Internet.

"The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY in the AGE of the Internet"
is a Keynote Address I originally gave for the International Polymer Clay Association annual conference.

It addresses some of the chronic problems plaguing the arts and crafts community in the age of the internet.





To SUMMARIZE BRIEFLY there are several issues surfacing in the art and craft community:

1.  unbridled sharing of content . 
2.  over dependence   on tutorials and instructions.
3. Lack of critique- we have entered into what I am calling the world of “like”




Ugly is distributing or selling copied work.

The copying and distribution of either the artwork or instructional materials  is both unethical and illegal.


Discussions have been multi-faceted.

The concerns addressed in the lecture actually opened wider discussions about issues that I never considered including the"workshop imposter" and  "The Guild of UnAuthorized Sharing."

"There seems to be some confusion in the arts and crafts community about ownership of information." This is addressed in the post titled, "Copyright Ownership vs. Owning the DVD


Additional posts address the concept of Fair Use. The Gray Zone Framed By Black & White. Quoting  this post, "Copyright Law tries to clarify ethical and legal sharing to encourage creativity.  Proper sharing expands our communication and enlightens our community.  In contrast, unethical and illegal sharing dilutes and diminishes the value of our collective efforts."

 I want to encourage everyone on Crafthaus to consider watching the lecture, and participating in the discussion, if they are so inclined either on ASK Harriete, or on Crafthaus.

The issues are complex.
If you have a question or are confused about an issue, please share your question either publicly or privately so I can clarify.

The internet and social networks like Crafthaus can be  very positive in "The Force for Good."

It is also important to realize that as a community we need to be advocates for ethical and legal behavior." Otherwise the core values of our community become undermined."

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said"Small actions by large numbers of people can bring about profound change."

"We should honor and reward the original authors and makers and support the incentives and professional recognition that motivates them to create and provide top quality workshops", instructional materials, books, e-books and original art/craft.

Unethical and illegal behavior is not just from the enthusiast maker.

It is an endemic issue in the academic world as well.

We all need to recognize that we may be naively contributing to eroding standards of sharing on Pinterest, Facebook, or on our blog by copying other people's work, tutorials, workshops, instructions, or work.  Please keep in mind that Ethical SHARING Honors Original Content

Subscribe to  ASK Harriete for following the posts and discussions.

Harriete Estel Berman
Please ask me your questions any time.



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