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At 10:49am on February 20, 2017, Brigitte Martin said…

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At 1:10pm on February 17, 2013, Dominique Lietaert said…

giasou Sophia, thanks for your friendship

At 8:50am on June 4, 2012, Sharlaine Anapu said…

You have beautiful work!!

At 6:41am on September 11, 2011, Sandra Murray said…

Thank you Sophia, you are very kind!

At 12:02pm on May 23, 2011, anne havel said…
how did you know i got into art jewelry today 3?  DID i tell you?  i told a few people today and i cannot remember who.  if you like any of the pics up on crafthaus, let me know.  a number of them are available.  if i don't have one like it, i can send you pics of things similar, altho there are plenty that i have no other like it.  just let me know.
At 11:42am on May 23, 2011, anne havel said…
wow, you have the patience of a saint.  amazing.
At 9:37am on March 26, 2011, Lorena Angulo said…
Thank You Sophia !! <3
At 8:37pm on March 24, 2011, Christi Anderson said…
Thank you, thank you sweet lady! I posted my entries on my page so no surprise, did everyone wait to add thier photos? I wanna see!!
At 1:42pm on March 19, 2011, Maria Apostolou said…
Thank you Sophia!!! You have my sister's name :-)
At 10:36am on March 12, 2011, Christi Anderson said…

You get it!!! That's exactly what I want my pieces to convey... secret wonders and treasures forgotten. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement, they go along way to feed the soul of my inspiration!! Thank you again!


At 9:56pm on February 1, 2011, Catherine Witherell said…
I made a bangle in PMC and I used a form I made out of cardboard.  It was a bigger piece of cardboard (US 3inches high and about 10 inches long) and pretty stiff and rounded into the shape of the oval for a bangle (of course it was bigger than the wrist to allow for shrinkage).  I had another piece of cardboard sleeved inside and the outside piece was cut at the end so that as the bangle dried and shrank I could take the inside piece of cardboard out and the slitted one got smaller with the ends overlapping.  Does that make sense?  You need the support of the cardboard at the early stages because it's just too floppy.
At 11:48pm on January 31, 2011, Catherine Witherell said…

So if you are working like crazy you must be tallying up the hours.  For me it has been all consuming for many years.  I can hardly wait to see the granulation you are doing with the metal clay.  I've tried making those little balls with PMC and then I have to sort them by size somehow because it's so hard to make them evenly.  

I myself took a wonderful granulation class with Yehuda Tassa an expert in Yemenite filigree and when I saw your pieces I got very excited.  He gave the students two formulas in small bottles for adhering the granules so they don't move during the torch firing process.  I started a domed piece recently that will serve as a "gem" for a setting for a ring.  BUT, I have some 22kt gold wire, 20 gauge and when I saw what you did with those beads and rings I went crazy!  


Thank you for your nice note and telling me you enjoy my work.  You made my day!

At 9:31am on January 8, 2011, Christine Norton said…
Sophia - thanks for coming by my page and commenting on one of my pieces.  I am blown away by your work!  Simply amazing!  I wish I lived closer so I could take a class from you!
At 3:21pm on January 5, 2011, Genevieve E. Flynn said…
Sophia, I look forward to hearing about your website and new work!  Work hard and enjoy!
At 1:52pm on January 5, 2011, Genevieve E. Flynn said…

Sophia, what a wonderful change for you!  I am in the midst of moving my studio from a retail location of 7 years back to my home.  Needless to say I am excited yet hesitant as I fear leaving the arts area will leave me once again abandoned without interaction of other people.  I do teach classes and enjoy the people but I am a bit burnt out on teaching.  And the business has drained me of my creative thoughts for now.  The excitement of a new space and the hopes of working once again is there, I think I am just not sure of what is to come.  Somehow I try to embrace the unknown but it still rears its ugly head!!!  LOL  I know that it will all work out great, I just have to be patient.

I love to work on something that is detailed and meticulous in nature.  It seems to be my way and direction.  I am not happy if it is too easy to do!  I have not posted any photos of some of my older pieces where I granulated but they are some of my very favorite pieces to have done.  

I am not being productive today, but there are some days that need to be that way.  I hope that I have not taken too much of your time and I look forward to seeing more of your work  Keep me posted!


At 11:59am on January 5, 2011, Genevieve E. Flynn said…
Sophia so nice to connect with you!  How long have you been working in metals?  I find that I still have a lot to learn and it seems like so little time!  Your work is truly wonderful.  I look forward to conversing and exchanging thoughts and ideas!
At 10:33am on January 5, 2011, Rebecca Skeels said…

good luck with that! have you tried the copper clay and bronze clays too? I found the pmc granulation easier, but I have only done it once. I think its the crow in the second picture of the murder of crows, but you can't see it very well as its sideways. 

When working with 'normal' silver do you make your granules in a kiln or with a torch?

At 9:20am on January 5, 2011, Rebecca Skeels said…
thank you, what a lovely comment. I've just been admiring your patience for the granulation work you've done! fabulous!
At 6:41am on December 24, 2010, Brigitte Martin said…

And a very Merry Christmas to you too :-)  

At 6:42am on December 18, 2010, Angela Baduel-Crispin said…

Beautiful work, Sophia !

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