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A Dog's Life

I have a very easy-going relationship with my students. They all know that they can look at the things on my bench, ask me questions about them, make suggestions and talk about any projects that I'm working on. They also sometimes make subtle little jokes. 


After I've completed my current project (see below), I'll be moving onto a brooch entitled "Future Legend", which will feature a dog head cast in gold. In order to make the head, I bought a plastic toy dog, which was put…


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Having finished my "secret" commission, I've been able to work on a piece which came about as the result of receiving a package of presents from Dee Wilder, a marvellous artist who works predominately in polymer clay:


Mystery Package... 13


I've worked with Dee's pieces before (for example, the brooch "Richard III" - …


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Radical Jewelry Makeover is going to Santa Fe, NM!

Dear crafthaus members,

It is a treat to be part of this network and I love reviewing the weekly highlights. This week Ethical Metalsmiths has something to share too and we need your help.


Our popular and effective jewelry mining and recycling project, Radical Jewelry Makeover is going to Santa Fe, NM this October! Students, alumni and faculty at four regional schools, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe Community College - School of Art and Design, University…


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Busy Weekend


I am completely done in: it has been non-stop since Friday and the stupid clock-change thing happened, which always makes my sleeping patterns go wrong...

Friday night was a night out with one of my friends of longest-standing, John. Through to Edinburgh to chat about things and see some sights, which mostly includes the inside of our favourite bar, The Regent. Didn't get home until 2am but had to be on the 10am train to Perth to go and see the Scottish Glass Society show in the… Continue

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Monitor Madness - Going Nuts in a Nut Shell

Recently I spent hours and hours trying to figure out if my computer monitor was giving me an accurate color image.…


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Search Engines Have No Vision - Play TAG, Your IT - Create Tags for better SEO from 2.0 sites

Most 2.0 sites allow tags for images including Crafthaus. Tags are an important tool to assist search engines to find your art or craft, but unfortunately this tool is under utilized.

Do your own test! Go to the search box at the top of…


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Pro Nailz!

I am so excited to have my most recent round of documentation back from my photographer, Maureen Keaveny. The images came out wonderfully, and she really did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the pieces that I've recently completed. I'm most proud of the series of knuckle dusters that I've been working on, which feature bezel… Continue

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Kicking, squealing, Gucci little piggy

Finally finished my earring, "The Use of Ashes". I've been wanting to make this piece on this theme for myself to wear for almost 15 years and have finally done it! It didn't even take that long to make from start to finish.

 …The Use of Ashes 8


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Search Engines Have No Vision - SEO for 2.0 sites like Crafthaus.

Images on the Internet can not speak for themselves because search engines can NOT see images, they only read text.

Braille Images must have text titles and descriptions for search engines to match your images with  search queries. If you want your images to be found, they need titles, and…


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Farrah Al-Dujaili selected for "Mediterraneo" 2011

Jewellery designer maker Farrah Al-Dujaili has been selected for "MEDITERRANEO" an international contemporary jewellery exhibition. The colours and marine life of the Mediterranean inspired the selected piece ‘Codium vermillara’.


The jury was composed of three members: Rita Marcangelo, artist and owner of "Alternatives…


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The Use of Ashes

I'm sworn to secrecy on my newest project, which is a commission. That is all I can say. No photographs, no details!

In between times, however, I've been making a piece I've been meaning to make for ages: an earring on the acid-folk-psyche song, "The Jeweller" by the band, "Pearls Before Swine". This is going to be a single earring and today I managed to get quite a lot of it made:



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Web Site, and Sheet Metal Corsets!

Finally, It's done!


My web site - proper web site that is!


Just still have to add music, but it is up and running! Finally!


Building a site is harder than I thought it would be! No wonder they charge so much.


Well, here it is - the link:


I hope anyone who reads this,…


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Search Engines Have No Vision! So Help SEO "SEE" Your Images

Search Engines can not see your images. They can not see color, black and white, in focus, out of focus, or pixelated. They are completely blind to images.  They have no vision.

To the right is what Search Engines…


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Tag Lines and Tagalongs -- Like Girl Scout Cookies, Wildly Popular and not really good for you.

"What should I use for a tag line?"

A very common question posed to ASK Harriete.  Tagalongs Tag lines are popular, and like Tagalong Girl Scout cookies, somewhat over rated, and not really good for you.

Sorry to be so harsh, but I am kind of bemused. It seems that tag lines are something that…


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What's in a Name? Is Your Artist Identity LOST or FOUND in a sea of names?


Should I have a business name?  I’m stumbling and struggling on how to come up with a name.


A reader in search for a name!

While this question is a condensed version of questions from readers, it represents a fairly frequent issue. It also highlights concerns that are relevant to the…


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At The End

"Beneath the Skin" is now complete! I am not making any more pieces for the show and the last one should have had some more details added to it, but I like it so much like this that I'm stopping:


Beneath The Skin (WIP) 116



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Even more cutting...

Working on the very last of the "Beneath the Skin" pieces today. As I was given the metals, the least I can do is try to use them up!


I spent the day cutting out the stand for a bowl:


Beneath The Skin (WIP) 114


The bowl is not really practical as it has a skull in the base!



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Discovering Your Niche Markets for Increasing Web Site Visibility

The Professional Development Seminar is sponsoring an hour of discussion about Niche Marketing.


Questions for our speakers include the following:

  • How to discover a Niche Market?
  • Should you use your…

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Nearly There...

Finished the box for the tattoo machine, "Beneath the Skin":

 Beneath The Skin 109


The plaque on top is engraved:

 Beneath The Skin 108


The box is an old one which used to contain a…


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